Author Topic: Leftists outraged brain dead Texas mother's unborn baby may live  (Read 151 times)

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Leftists Outraged that Brain-Dead Texas Mother’s Unborn Baby May Live

Posted By Michael Minkoff on Jan 6, 2014 | 36 Comments
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Marlize Munoz has been declared brain-dead in Texas. In her living will, she asked not to be kept alive with machines. Her husband and family want to pull the plug. But there’s one catch—Marlize Munoz was fourteen weeks pregnant when she lost consciousness, so Texas law prohibits the family from pulling the plug, as the baby could still live.

Leftists immediately jumped on the interzweb to tell everyone how heartless, barbaric, theocratic, backwards, primitive, misogynist, anti-choice, and ignorant Texas is because of its legislative resistance to the wanton destruction of life.

Their highly emotional pleas ran like this: Texas is keeping the woman from getting her expressed wish. Texas is forcing the family to prolong their pain. Texas is keeping a child alive that will probably be special needs if it even survives. Texas is forcing higher medical bills on the family which Texas will not, of course, be willing to pay. Et cetera, et cetera.

What no one mentions is that the baby may well survive. And, against all odds, the baby might even be healthy. I find it hard to understand why the family, who purportedly loved the mother, would not want to take hold of any chance to save the baby.

The pro-choice argument that a woman should be allowed to do anything with her own body makes little sense in cases like this. It is precisely cases like this that pinpoint that a baby possesses a separate life and should be guaranteed his own rights. I’m tired of arguing about it frankly. I think Texas is doing the right thing here. I wish the family had a more hopeful perspective on the situation. It is certain that the baby, if he survives, will be a constant reminder of his mother. I fail to see why that would be a bad thing.

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