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Chicago Extreme Cold: Temperatures Plunge in 'Chiberia'

By Emily Morris on January 6, 2014 8:07am

 A temperature of 15 degrees below zero was recorded at O'Hare, meteorologists said.    Chicago Extreme Cold

CHICAGO β€” The wind chill hit 37 degrees below zero Monday morning at O'Hare Airport and the extreme cold is expected to stick around for the next couple days, meteorologists said.

As of midnight, the temperature at O'Hare was 3 degrees below zero, which is as warm as the city is likely to see for the day, National Weather Service meteorologist Matt Friedlein said.

A temperature of 15 degrees below zero was measured at O'Hare Airport later on in the morning, breaking the daily record of 14 below zero set twice in 1894 and 1988, Friedlein said.

That's colder than the South Pole in Antarctica, where the temperature was recorded at 11 degrees below zero at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

But Friedlein said the air in Chicago could get even colder, possibly dropping a degree or two before the day's end. And that's not taking into account wind chills that could be as low as 42 degrees below zero, according to the weather service.

As forecasters warned the city of the potentially life-threatening cold, the city was dubbed "Chiberia," with many using the hashtag to show their weather-related woes.

The frigid temperatures come after Chicago saw two major snowfalls dump plenty of flurries on the city. Total accumulation from the 30 hours of snowfall the city experienced from Saturday to Sunday amounted to 11.7 inches at O'Hare, Friedlein said.

That is the largest snowfall event since the Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011, Friedlein said.

The YMCA, usually a haven for kids and families seeking relief, announced Monday morning that all centers in the city and suburbs would be closed. All Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago would be closed as well, the organization announced.

Those looking to find a warming center should check the city's list of locations here or call 311.

The Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium and Chicago Children's Museum also notified customers they would be closing.

And after promising for days that schools would stay open despite the extreme cold, Chicago Public Schools announced Sunday night that classes were canceled for Monday morning.

Not sure if your school is on the list? Check here and here.

Those looking for a ride to work should avoid Divvy, which is temporarily shutting down again due to the cold, the system announced Sunday.

Commuters who opted for public transportation faced major delays and temporary suspension of the Purple Line due to the cold weather. Metra also notified travelers of several weather-related delays.
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