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Muslim Mortgages Paid with More than $300 Million – Courtesy of US Taxpayers

Posted By Suzanne Hamner on Jan 5, 2014 in Articles, Corruption, Email Featured, Foreign Aid, Islam, Middle East, News, Politics, Taxes, US News, World News | 297

The government is not blind to the fact that there are 46 million Americans who are unemployed, with a small percentage of those being homeless and living in poverty. Among those are roughly 1.2 million children, who attend public schools that are homeless. More than likely, they have contributed to the increased numbers of the homeless in the United States. Military retirees were told to “embrace the suck” when their retirement was cut in the budget deal. Nancy Pelosi claimed so many cuts had been made that the “cupboard is bare.” This signals there is no more frivolous money that can be cut. Well that was proven less than accurate. So, where did the more than $300 million dollars in taxpayer money come from to send to Muslims to help pay their mortgages?

American Overlook reports:

According to the Government Accountability Office, Obama’s administration will be handing over more than $300 million tax dollars to Muslims to help pay their mortgages. $110 million of this money will be used as loans for businesses located in the West Bank.

The name of the group in charge of this is called the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. According to their website, “”OPIC provides financial products, such as loans and guarantees; political risk insurance; and support for investment funds, all of which help American businesses expand into emerging markets.”

The OPIC is partnering with a group created by the Palestinian Authority president. The GAO notes, ” PIF [Palestinian Investment Fund] is governed by a board of directors and a general assembly appointed by the Palestinian Authority President, and manages investments throughout a number of sectors…”

They claim this will help emerging U.S business in the Middle East. Though, some argue this money will be going to terrorist linked groups and businesses.


The OPIC claims all groups who will manage the money have been vetted to make sure the money isn’t going to the wrong people.

Since the House of Representatives controls the purse, one wonders where this was allocated in the budget. Oh, that’s right; we have not had a budget since Obama usurped the White House (until recently with the “girlie man” budget deal). On the GAO’s website, it is indicated that as of April 2013, no money has been disbursed.

What is of interest is this tidbit:

USAID officials stated that, in 2009, USAID provided a U.S. implementing partner $2.1 million for technical assistance and training to enhance the lending practices of participating banks in support of the LGF [Loan Guarantee Facility]. Finally, according to USAID, it provided about $1.3 million from 2010 to 2013 to three U.S. implementing partners to provide technical, in-kind, and scholarship assistance to the American International School in Gaza (AISG), which is owned by the Palestine Technology and Education Complex, a PIF-owned entity. According to USAID, its involvement with AISG ended in June 2013.

Remember, there is no country or sovereign nation named “Palestine.” So, who is accountable for making sure the money is spent for the reason it was given? In the case of the loan, who is accountable for payment?

The West Bank is divided into 3 sections with civil authority given to the Palestinian authority in 2 of them; Israel civil administrations control the other. If this money was being given to the section controlled by Israel, it would make sense the GAO would indicate specifically this is Israel. The West Bank includes East Jerusalem with a population consisting of approximately 2.1 Palestinian Arabs and half a million Jewish Israelis. Population breaks down to 75 percent being Muslim, 17 percent being Jewish and 8 percent being Christian or other. Given this administration’s lean toward supporting Islam, one can assuredly assume that the majority of this money will go to the largest percent of the population especially when the partner in distribution is called the “Palestinian Investment Fund.”

The West Bank is known for its contentious conflicts between Israel and the Palestinians in a debate over who actually controls the area. From the looks of it, Obama is informally supporting occupation by the Palestinians. The United Nations have even given the Palestinian Authority non-member observer state status with the permission to title its representative “The Permanent Observer Mission of the State of Palestine to the United Nations.”

Connections to terrorism in the Palestinian Authority controlled areas of the West Bank have included the PLO, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and other groups.

With the numerous terrorist organizations operating in the West Bank, can Americans be sure that money doled out by our government to the Palestinian Authority is being kept out of terrorists hands?

An even better question to ask this administration and Congress is why this amount of money is going to a foreign authority while our military veterans’ retirement benefits are cut and millions of homeless Americans, including children, are homeless.

Editor’s note: We previously erred in citing 46 million Americans as being homeless. That number refers to those that are unemployed. We have made the correction in the article and apologize.

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