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Leftists denounce the NYC they created
« on: January 05, 2014, 06:18:11 AM »
Leftists Denounce the NYC They Created
January 3, 2014


They have taken an even further step toward the left and will reach Detroit bankruptcy levels anytime now!
 Check it out:

Who has been running that city for all this time? Who has created the underclass in this country? It’s the Democrat Party. The American left has created the underclass. The Democrat Party needs an underclass. They need a permanent underclass to vote for them. The Democrat Party needs then. That’s why they’re so interested in illegal immigration, because as people… It doesn’t happen so much anymore now with the Obama economy, but people used to move out of the middle class.

There was upward mobility in America, and, as people moved out of the middle class, the Democrat Party needed new people to move into it. That’s not so much a problem anymore because there isn’t all that upward mobility out of the middle class, particularly in towns run by liberals. So left to their own devices, look at the absolute horror show that liberals make and create for humans to live in.

Take your favorite city that has been run by Democrats and liberals for all these years and it speaks for itself, and now the solution to affordable housing and not enough room is a 300-square-foot apartment, a bunch of ‘em in one building, meant for families with kids, with foldable furniture — and they’re patting themselves on the back for coming up with this idea. The economic circumstances for the majority of Americans plummet when liberals get their way.

Then they end up creating these massive problems, and then they come to town with their own solutions to problems they have made and created, and it’s just utter disaster. (interruption) You’re right, Snerdley. These are no bigger than jail cells. Doomberg’s got three or four mansions, not just the one in Bermuda. Anyway, de Blasio’s gonna fix that. He said (paraphrase), “We’re not gonna wait! We’re just gonna do it now. We’re gonna get rid of this income inequality and we’re gonna make sure that there’s fairness.”

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