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Illegal immigration facts & statistics
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Illegal Immigration Facts & Statistics

"In October 2008, the illegal immigrant population stood at 11.9 million according to the Pew Hispanic Center."

"The U.S. Census Bureau showed that the nation's immigrant population (legal and illegal) reached nearly 38 million in March 2007, one-third of which are comprised of illegal immigrants."
 (Center for Immigration Studies).

"If immigration continues at current levels, the nation's population will increase from 301 million today to 468 million in 2060 - a 167 million, or 56% increase.
 (Center for Immigration Studies).

"There are approximately 7.7 million illegal aliens employed in U.S. jobs in 2008."

"A 1997 study by the American Academy of Sciences found that the cheap labor of illegal immigrants and poor immigrants caused a 44% decrease in wages among the poorest Americans from 1980 to 1994."
 (Center for Immigration Studies).

"Amnesty for illegal immigrants will cause costs to increase significantly from $10.4 billion a year to $28.8 billion. This is because an amnesty program would transform an illegal immigrant to an "unskilled immigrant with legal status" who could access various government programs. However, due to low income, these "unskilled immigrants with legal status" would likely make very modest tax payments."
 (Center for Immigration Studies).

"Tax payments in illegal households are only 28% of other households primarily due to much lower levels in education, which subsequently results in low incomes and even lower tax payments."
 (Center for Immigration Studies).

"A strategy of attrition through enforcement, which includes mandatory workplace verification and measures to curb misuse of Social Security numbers, could reduce the illegal population by as many as 1.5 million illegal immigrants each year."
 (Center for Immigration Studies).

"In 2007, E-Verify, a system to determine legal employment eligibility, received about 3 million queries, of which 157,000 were found to be unauthorized to work despite having previously evaded the paper version of the I-9 process, thus stopping their illegal employment."
 (Center for Immigration Studies).

" Illegal immigrants collectively represent a group that is a significant menace to the public. 80% have committed serious crimes in addition to immigration violations, and 40% have violent crime histories."
 (Center for Immigration Studies).

"25-50% of all gangsters arrested in the criminal gang suppression efforts in northern and western Virginia are estimated to be illegal immigrants."
 (Study for Immigration Studies).

"Gang investigators in Virginia estimate that 90% of the members of MS-13, the most notorious immigrant gang, are illegal immigrants."
 (Center for Immigration Studies).

"The defeat of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act of 2007 prevented the legalization of some 60,000 illegal immigrants, by providing them in-state college tuition and other education and government benefits not available to legal immigrants or citizens."
 (Center for Immigration Studies).

"The DREAM Act also would have set in motion a process for potentially amnestying 2.1 million illegal immigrants, not counting the 1.4 million parents and siblings who would also likely have been legalized."
 (Center for Immigration Studies).

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 Each bullet point has a link to where the statistic could be found. For overall citation of the issue of Illegal Immigration in accordance to NumbersUSA, refer to
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