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Jim's Corner, 1/3/14
« on: January 04, 2014, 12:29:02 PM »

During the past few years I watched as the Obama Administration’s foreign policy led to civil unrest and rebellion across North Africa and the Middle East.

First Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of the Egyptian government, which led to the killing of thousands of Christians all across Egypt. Then the Egyptian Army responded to these killings and other unrest by taking down the Muslim Brotherhood and the government they controlled.

Of course Obama and his puppets in the State Department responded by cutting back some of the aid the United States has been giving to the Egyptian Army. By cutting this aid Obama succeeded in diminishing U. S. influence over Egypt, a void that Russia is now working hard to fill.

In dealing with others in the Middle East, probably the biggest error committed by the United States was not getting an agreement that would have left a few thousand combat troops in Iraq. When the U. S. pulled all combat troops out of that country the bombing and killing of innocent civilians and security forces started and continues today. During the past month 490 people were killed in Iraq by insurgents, and during the past year some 8,000 people met their deaths through bombings and shootings. In addition, it now appears that Iraq will soon become a puppet government of Iran, who currently is using Iraqi airspace to fly personnel and arms to support the Assad regime in Syria.

In the past few months, the Obama Administration has pushed Saudi Arabia, who has been allied with the United States for decades, to the sidelines when dealing with Syria and Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The Saudi’s responded to this treatment by going to France and others in the region for support.

Both Saudi Arabia and France continue to support the Syrian rebels with arms and other aid, and both were very upset when they learned the United States and Great Britain were pulling back and not punishing the Assad government for using chemical weapons against its own people.

By the end of 2013 the Syrian uprising had claimed the lives of 120,000 people and created a refugee crisis in Turkey and Jordon. This had led Saudi Arabia and other Sunni-led Arab states to fight a proxy war against Iran, a Shiite powerhouse, who supports Assad.

After the United States backed away from a military strike against Assad, the United States went headlong into a nuclear deal with Iran. This really got the Saudi’s upset, especially after they learned the United States had been holding secret talks with the Iranians.

The Saudi Ambassador to Great Britain recently described the U.S.-Iranian deal as a “dangerous gamble.” Through Obama’s actions the Saudi’s believe they will be sold out to the Iranians, if a grand bargain is reached between the United States and Iran.

Now the Saudi’s have turned to France for support and France recently announced a $1.4 billion contract with the Saudi Arabian navy. In addition, Saudi Arabia recently pledged another $3 billion to buy weapons which will go to arm the Lebanese Army.

Apparently France is trying to fill the void left by the U. S. and Saudi Arabia is extending the hand of friendship to others in the region. Don’t be surprised if and when the Saudi’s begin buying nuclear weapons from Pakistan or China.

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