Author Topic: Obamacare scam collapsing as uninsured realize how little it offers them  (Read 266 times)

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ObamaCare Scam Collapsing as Uninsured Realize How Little it Offers Them

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 3, 2014 @ 11:11 am In The Point | 5 Comments

The whole point of ObamaCare was, supposedly, to end the problem of the uninsured who would now get insurance. But the uninsured are unethusiastic about paying a good deal of money for what is little more than catastrophic coverage.

On paper, Tammy Bourdeaux, a gay uninsured freelance social worker who couldn’t afford insurance, should have been the perfect demographic for ObamaCare.

And then she tried it.

Boudreaux was hoping to find a better deal on She likes the monthly premiums that she sees but has balked at the high annual deductibles.

“Let’s say if I paid the $178 a month, my deductible would be $5,000,” she says. “I would have to pay up to $5,000 before I received any kind of payment from my insurance company.”

Boudreaux could get a lower deductible if she paid a higher premium, but about $200 a month is what she feels she can afford. She doesn’t qualify for subsidies to help pay for a policy.

“I don’t smoke. I’m relatively healthy. So I was pretty insulted when I saw this,” she says. “I was extremely angry actually. I felt hoodwinked by the insurance companies: ‘Oh, here’s this wonderful insurance plan but by the way you need to come up with $6,000 out-of-pocket first before we pay for anything.’ “

Boudreaux stupidly blames the insurance companies, but the insurance companies are just working within the overall guidelines of the plan which is to exploit people who don’t use the system much to finance the whole disaster.

The whole point is to get people like Boudreaux to pay in their $1200 a year that they will hardly ever see any value for. That’s what helps make ObamaCare viable.

What’s really entertaining is the goal-post moving on the NPR comments where ObamaCare defenders swarm to screech that she doesn’t understand that ObamaCare is just catastrophic coverage.

Meanwhile you can find NPR stories where the same screeching flock of harpies is ranting that “privileged and entitled people” who complain about policy cancellations don’t understand that their worthless junk policies were just catastrophic coverage… while ObamaCare offers so much more.


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Re: Obamacare scam collapsing as uninsured realize how little it offers them
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