Author Topic: CAPITOL UPDATE: Barack Obama’s Class Warfare – 2014 Midterm Edition  (Read 169 times)

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Sources inside Capitol Hill are now adamant that the Obama  White House, increasingly fearful of losing the Senate following the 2014 Midterm Elections, has prepared an all out class warfare campaign to commence in the coming weeks and months that intends to push Obamacare off the front page and put in its place a revamped version of the 1% argument that some within the Progressive/Socialist machine feel paid political dividends for them in 2012.  The minimum wage increase will be front and center in this ploy, with prominent Mainstream Media figures already lining up to lend a hand.

“We know it’s coming.  The good news is it seems to be helping to unite Republicans around here, and a united party will be important if we get a real shot at taking back the Senate.  Both Pelosi and Reid have sent staff out to go over the plan with other leading members within the Democratic Party.  The first of these meetings started in November.  Several more took place in the first and second weeks of December.

It’s why the president gave a public statement urging us to pass the unemployment extension last month, but then called off his attack dogs during the actual negotiations.  The extension didn’t happen and that’s because he and the Democratic leadership didn’t want it to happen.  They need the issue to ramp back up this month and get media play regarding how cruel and heartless Republicans are. This will be the first big push in what is supposed to be the big class warfare plan to try and save the Senate for the Democrats.

So far the only word in response I’ve heard about is from McConnell’s office, and that was last month.  The Boehner office has clamped down after the Speaker made his own public comments about wanting cuts to offset the 25 billion unemployment extension.  I didn’t think that was wise for him to do so, because it plays right into the Democrats’ hands.  Almost like he wanted to help them out?  Not sure what that’s about but will know more as things pick back up around here in the coming days.  Lots of people still out of town.

I still say Obamacare will be the 9 million pound gorilla that will remain the #1 issue for Americans this year.  It’s bad now, and all signs point to it getting a lot worse.”


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