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If the Caller ID Shows a Number From This Area Code, Think Twice About Answering It
Jan. 2, 2014 1:52pm Liz Klimas

While some might consider screening calls based on phone numbers rude, in this case, it could save your phone bill.

Authorities are warning people to avoid picking up a call from a 473 area code number. The area code is international for Grenada. KSL-TV specifically reported the offending number as 473-520-9734 from someone who seems to be in distress.

Beware of a phone scam. Calls from 473-520-9774 (Grenada), the caller is moaning and claiming to be in distress. Hang up do & not call back

473 Area Code Phone Number Associated With ScamJanuary 1, 2014 9:05pm via webReplyRetweetFavorite
473 Area Code Phone Number Associated With Scam
Spanish Fork Police

Those who call the number back are charged each minute they’re on the line. Costs can add up in the thousands of dollars.

A Verizon community forum has several customers posting complaints about the calls and including suggestions to block it:

    blibblab: This is an international area code, St. George in Grenada, and it rings one or two times before hanging up. If you answer or if you call back, it’s a recording of people moaning (reason why, unknown). I’ve received these calls all morning today and Christmas Eve night. Can Verizon please do something about this? Is there a way to block all calls from an area code (doubt I’d ever need to receive a call from Grenada)?


    padamssm: I also received this call but didn’t answer. I’ve now blocked it at Verizon Wireless: It’s in the Manage Family Safeguards & Controls -> Call & Message Blocking section.

Watch KSL’s report about the scam:

KSL pointed out that the scam isn’t new, but it seems to be surging again. Verizon has provided information and tips for a similar scam with the 809 area code.

“If it’s someone who wants to talk to you or get information to you, they’re going to leave a voicemail,” Sgt. John Arnold with the Sandy Police Department in Salt Lake County Utah said, according to KSTU-TV.

He suggested that if you don’t recognize a caller to “let those numbers go to voicemail.”

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We can't get caller ID up here.

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