Author Topic: Bus Drivers Protest After Being Punished for Praying for Colleague Whose Daughter Just Died  (Read 286 times)

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Houston ISD Bus drivers have came together to protest after being reprimanded for praying for a grieving co-worker.

Several drivers were reprimanded after praying with a co-worker whose daughter died just weeks before.

On December 16, a car struck the 12-year-old daughter of one of their co-workers as she walked home from school. Tragically the girl, who was the daughter of the HISD bus driver, later died from her injuries.

The co-workers of the heartbroken mother turned to prayer. According to the bus drivers, they resorted to pray over their radios after a supervisor refused to provide them with a quiet room and a counselor to talk things over with. 

At least five drivers had disciplinary letters placed in their personnel files following the prayer incident. They were told the use of school equipment for private purposes was a violation of policy.

Tuesday, in front of the HISD administration building, the workers were joined by ministers as they prayed that the disciplinary action would be reversed. In response to their write ups, the group of HISD drivers prayed all the more.

"We ask not for special favors, simply for justice, And we ask that you will see to it that the jobs and the reputations of those who have been written up will be looked after and that somehow they should be fairly treated," prayed Reverend Bill Lawson of the Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church.

Bus driver Cynthia Cormier told reporters, "From a parent's point of view and from a grandparent's, prayer is the answer."

"This was the only thing we could do to support one another," said Debra McDonald. "By praying to God."

The school district released a statement citing their policy, "While HISD appreciates the intent of the bus drivers who received these citations, the district's priority must be the safety and security of our students. As stated in the HISD Transportation Handbook policy and in accordance with the FCC law, all radio communications are to be used for HISD purposes only."

The union says the drivers were not suspended and they did not lose any pay. Yet, a note in their files could impact their ability to drive buses in the future.
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