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Another look at global warming (global goreing)
« on: January 02, 2014, 07:07:53 AM »
Another Look at Global Warming

By Harry Livermore   / 1 January 2014      

Once more as we begin this New Year, we are faced with the ideas and controversy about Global Warming that I understand will now be called “Climate Change.” I guess the big boys have decided that the name “Global Warming” has built-in biases, so once again we change the name of something hoping to ameliorate the impact it will have on the public.

Once again the sides are queuing up for the predictable conflict between those who cry “Henny Penny, the sky is falling!” and those who believe that the earth can take care of itself. To Al Gore, Nobel Laureate, who declared the discussion ended, the notion of Global Warming, excuse me--Climate Change--is an accomplished fact that cannot be disputed. Science has never declared itself infallible since the Inquisition. I really doubt that Al would like his name mentioned along with Robert le Bourge, the “Hammer of Heretics” known for his cruelty and violence. But climate heresy is committed should anyone, scientist or college student, request a discussion or an investigation into the question of Climate Change.

Where do we stand now at the end of 2013? No serious scientist really knows. There seems to be a phenomenon. To be sure the polar ice caps seem to be melting, very slowly, but melting. But the average temperature of the earth seems to have stabilized for the past several years. Earth has a mean temperature of 59 degrees, but that’s not the whole story. There are places on the surface of the earth that are getting warmer, and conversely there are places on the earth that seem to be cooling.

Some scientists believe that the deep temperature of the oceans, particularly the Pacific Ocean, may hold the key to understanding this phenomenon, but since the deep temperature of the oceans has only recently (1960s) been measured and recorded, there is simply not enough data to make a firm scientific declaration. The models that had been developed by the Global Warming scientists simply have not lived up to their expectations.

global-warming-al-goreIn the meantime, academics and entrepreneurs are making money from the Global Warming issue. Al Gore, previously mentioned, has made millions from his “carbon footprint” investment scheme. Others include auto companies that have developed hybrid cars that sell for a very high cost, and cost even more when replacement batteries are needed. Companies like Solyndra that received government subsidies and then went bankrupt are making money. Many websites have been developed by Global Warming disciples that are selling advertising—some of it even contradictory to the website’s message—are making money for their forward looking owners.

In the world of academics, billions of dollars in grants have been awarded to colleges and scientists to study the phenomenon. If you want to study the mating habits of fox squirrels and you write a grant for that study, you probably will not receive a grant. But if you write a grant to study how Global Warming affects the mating habits of fox squirrels, you stand a better chance of receiving a grant.


The ways to make money from Global Warming is limited only by the imagination of very clever entrepreneurs and forward thinking folks. In the meantime, most poor people and middle class people will suffer financially from the business chicanery of a new class of entrepreneurs.

So here we are at the beginning of 2014, more perplexed than ever. The “climate change establishment” has declared an end to the discussion and is making money hand over fist. Academic climatologists believe that much more study is necessary before any reliable hypothesis can be developed. Stay tuned!

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