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This will kill the Boy Scouts because many parents are not going to want their children to be exposed to the homosexual lifestyle.  It doesn't matter if the BS oppose immoral behavior, that will not stop horny teenage boys.  And now since they cannot be kicked out, they're going to cause all kinds of havoc.  Churches will also begin to drop sponsorships.  I doubt all the corporate sponsors who pushed for this will take up the slack.

If I had kids, I would not allow my son to be in the BS anymore.  I would not want some pervert getting stuck in the same tent and trying to use my son for his own sexual gratification because if it happened, I'd kill the pervert regardless of age.

Within a year or two, they'll allow the homos to be scout leaders and that will be the end of what's left.  The homos have to recruit which is why they want access to young boys and the younger the better.
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