Author Topic: ACLU urges NY judge to force release of documents  (Read 272 times)

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ACLU urges NY judge to force release of documents
« on: December 27, 2013, 06:45:13 PM »

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Re: ACLU urges NY judge to force release of documents
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2013, 07:42:03 PM »
Tan said efforts to negotiate an agreement with the government on how many files are representative were especially difficult, with the government saying it would take seven more years to produce 100 files.


Meanwhile, the government is supremely confident that it can marshal in an instant information about an individual from widely disparate databases in order to verify that said individual is entitled to an Obamacare subsidy (just another mealy-mouthed word for welfare, or government charity).

We're so much closer to Orwell's various dystopias than he could ever have imagined, where people are subjugated either by the government controlling their every movement through comprehensive information control, or by "disappearing" into the maw of government detention.
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