Author Topic: Obamacare trolls gutter for enrollees  (Read 330 times)

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Obamacare trolls gutter for enrollees
« on: December 24, 2013, 04:53:49 AM »

ObamaCare Trolls The Gutter For Enrollees
by Whoopie • 23 December, 2013 • Economy, Politics, Video • 0 Comments

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Desperate to pad their enrollment numbers the ObamaCare propaganda machine has been making a push for their degenerate supporters. First they targeted heterosexual sluts and college age drunkards, now it’s the pickle puffers and rug munchers. What next, NAMBLA?

Recently they dispatched their .gov elves to gay bars armed with pamphlets and condoms. Sadly, it would seem that the only thing the patrons were interested in were the free condoms. They had the same reaction on several college campuses last week when they tried to lure students with offers of free condoms. The rubbers quickly disappeared while the literature sat untouched.

Now we have this disgusting video showing gay men in underwear cavorting about as a woman (?) in a fur coat sings a holiday tune about enrolling in ObamaCare. No word if the coat was approved by PETA.

The fact is, signing up for ObamaCare isn’t a matter of showing support for Obama or the Leftwing cause or even the law. Paying lip service is one thing, paying hard currency is quite another. And in Obama’s economy money is tight, although I suspect that even if we were in a period of prosperity Obama would have a difficult time getting people to commit to spending an extra $300 a month for a plan that if needed, would still leave you holding the bag for thousands of dollars in upfront costs.

For all the good the typical “Bronze Plan” is worth, you’d be better off putting what you’d pay in premiums into a piggy bank labeled “emergency healthcare stash.” At least by the time you turned 65 if you didn’t need an expensive operation, you’d still have the cash to spend anyway you saw fit.

Do the math, set aside $3,600 a year starting at age 30 (what you pay in ObamaCare premiums) times 35 years equals $126,000. Now if you had invested that in a low risk balanced mutual fund, you’d double or triple that amount.

We’d call that a tidy little nest egg for your retirement, on top of an IRA or 401K, plus your Social Security payments. Think about it Millenials, do you really need ObamaCare?

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