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Miguel Francis

Photo: RIA Novosti

Mikhail Kalashnikov, the man who designed the AK-47 assault rifle, also known as “Kalashnikov” died this Monday at the age of 94. Alexandr Goltz, russian military analyst and deputy chief editor of Russia's political magazine Weekly, comments.

Alexander, how significant was Mikhail Kalashnikov’s contribution to the weapon industry?

He was a great man and, of course, his name is something like Colt or Maxim, in the design of machine gun. I’m absolutely sure that his name will be in live for next few decades and it is one of the most famous name for Russia, such as Sputnik or Cosmonaut or something like that.

Well, hopefully, maybe even centuries…

God knows how long this gun will be available but, of course, it is huge achievement in Russian design. We can compare Kalashnikov with Korolev who was designer for Russian missiles or few famous designers which names will be alive for very long period of time, no doubt.

Now do you think that the creation of AK-47 contributed to more bloodshed in the world?

Look, of course, it is but we cannot blame Kalashnikov for that. If not him but somebody would else invade this weapon. It is important to say today I think in day of his death is to commemorate his generosity as designer.

It is very interesting to point out. Here is the quote from Mr Kalashnikov: “I invented it for the protection of the motherland and I have no regrets and bear no responsibilities of how politicians have used it.”

It is absolutely true. Can be blame Colt for that?
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