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Real Life Breaking Bad: Man named Walter White sentenced for meth possession

BY Andrew Meola , Mstarz reporter | Dec 19, 2013 08:15 AM EST

Bryan Cranston portrays Walter White on AMC's "Breaking Bad." (Photo : Reuters)

Apparently Breaking Bad is more than just a television show, because a real man named Walter White has been sentenced for possession of meth for distribution.

The Great Falls Tribune reports that U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy sentenced a man from Lockwood, Montana named Walter Jack White to 12 years in federal prison, nine years for possession of meth for distribution and three-and-a-half years that stem from weapons charges. White had 32.5 pounds of meth in his possession, which Judge Molloy called an "extraordinary" amount.
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White appeared on the authorities' radar back in January when his son, Brandon, shot him in the back during an argument about a $10,000 drug debt. Law enforcement investigated the case, searched his residence and found four ounces of meth worth about $10,000, two handguns and $15,000 in cash.

White's arrest led to a string of arrests on charges of storage unit break-ins. The defendants told authorities that they were trying to raise money to pay debts they owed White.

This is the second time in a year-and-a-half that a man named Walter White has been in trouble linked to meth. A different Walter White was accused of violating his probation and was wanted on meth manufacturing charges in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, according to The then 55-year-old was arrested in 2008 (which, coincidentally, is when Breaking Bad first aired) on charges of methamphetamine trafficking, possession of a controlled substance and possession of precursor materials. He then went on probation starting in 2010 and violated his probation in January 2012. The county circuit judge then ordered that a writ be issued when he missed his court date.

Unfortunately, neither man's middle name is Hartwell and the first Walter White's son (the one who shot his father) is not named Junior. If they were, we'd all definitely be living in a television show.

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