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Dr. Ben Carson: ‘I’m having great difficulty finding any [doctors] who like’ Obamacare

Posted By Brendan Bordelon On 7:44 PM 12/18/2013 In | No Comments

Dr. Ben Carson told Fox News’ Stuart Varney on Wednesday that despite speaking to hundreds of doctors across the country over the past few months, he’s “having great difficulty finding anybody who likes [Obamacare].”

Carson spoke with Varney about Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ hiring of a Microsoft executive to focus “24/7″ on fixing The brain surgeon compared the government’s predicament to the first time he and his team separated twins conjoined at the head, a procedure which had never before been attempted.

“It requires real planning,” he said. “You have to get experts. You have to realize that you aren’t the expert at everything, but that you have to have access to them and you have to know how to coordinate them. Why they weren’t able to do this with something that is 1/6 of our economy makes you scratch your head.”

Varney also tapped Carson’s experience in the medical industry, asking how insurers and doctors will be affected as the health care law expands and rules change:

VARNEY: Health insurers, extending the deadline. You know a thing or two about the medical industry, the medical business. Is that possible? Can they do it?

CARSON: Well, they certainly can as long as they’re playing by the rules that the government keeps reestablishing. What the insurance companies don’t realize, however, is that this government they’re playing footsies with, if you turn the pages a few pages over, you’ll see that they’re on the menu. I don’t think they quite understand that. That’s not the overall [unintelligble] here.

VARNEY: Can you tell me what doctors — generally speaking, doctors, are they in favor of this huge change?

CARSON: If they are they’re hiding from me, because I travel all over the country and talk to a lot of groups — including lots of doctors — and I’m having a great difficulty finding anybody who likes this. You know, it’s profoundly affecting what they’re doing. People didn’t sign up to become government employees. They signed up because they were intellectually gifted and wanted to use those gifts to bring health to their patients, not to satisfy some bureaucrat.

Unsurprisingly, the doctor punted when asked whether he intends to run for president in 2016. Carson exploded onto the conservative scene in February 2013, after his keynote address at the White House Prayer Breakfast politely demolished Obama’s policies while the president sat just feet away.

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While the Mooche is out telling everyone to talk to their children, friends, neighbors and people in the grocery store about the wonders of Obamacare, I'd suggest we all talk to our doctors and others in the medical profession, get their opinions and then promulgate them via social networks. Just for the fun of it.
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