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Democratic congresswoman suggests Darrell Issa is too rich to criticize Obamacare [VIDEO]

Posted By Brendan Bordelon On 9:03 PM 12/18/2013 In | No Comments

California Democratic Rep. Karen Bass told MSNBC viewers Wednesday to ignore California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa’s Obamacare objections because he’s too wealthy to understand how the law impacts the less fortunate.

Bass spoke with Al Sharpton about the congressman’s investigations into Obamacare. Although he’s chair of the House Oversight Committee, Bass contended that the scrutiny Issa has brought to issues like security and Obamacare navigators amounts to a “crusade” against the president. She also strongly suggested that Issa’s fortune makes him ineligible to comment on programs designed to help the poor:

BASS: It is really shameful. I mean, Darrell Issa is the richest member of Congress, worth over $100 million. And so I’m sure in his world –

SHARPTON: Wait a minute, say that again. Wait a minute. Rewind that. Darrell Issa’s WHAT?

BASS: He is the richest member of Congress. He is worth over $100 million. And I think that it is just not within his thinking that he can imagine — I wish I could take him to spend a day in the emergency room with me so he can see what happens when people don’t have insurance. I think, you know, I think about ten years from now, and I just can’t believe that some of my Republican colleagues aren’t going to be ashamed and embarrassed at what they did, what efforts they went through to prevent people from getting health insurance.

The son of a Cleveland truck salesman, Issa wasn’t exactly born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He dropped out of high school at 17, joined the military and even had a few brushes with the law. In 1982 he and his wife invested their life savings — $7,000 — into a struggling electronics company.

But it wasn’t until the late 1982, after he started car electronics company Directed Electronics, that he rapidly built up his fortune. Sales jumped from just $1 million in 1985 to $14 million in 1989. Within two decades, his business would become the largest manufacturer of aftermarket car electronics in North America — without the assistance of a cushy inheritance or government handouts.

So Issa built a well-oiled company selling an important and desired product to millions of happy customers throughout the country. President Barack Obama built a faltering website pushing a dysfunctional and unwanted product on millions of desperate Americans being stripped of their healthcare coverage. Yep, pretty clear who’s the real villain here.

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