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"...based on visits to the website..."

Bear with me while I parse that statement for a moment, because I hear it so often being used to tout the success of the Obamacare website.  I used to run my own little website here and just like any other website owner/operator, I got daily webstats that I spent a great deal of time analyzing and understanding so I could tell what was going on at my site.

Most of the hits I got on my site lasted less than ten seconds in length, and many for much shorter times.  These were mostly search engine hits like Yahoo, Google, and any of the many other search engines out there that picked up a word on my site and gave me one of millions of other hits associated with that word.

Many of the hits were from spammers in both Asia and Europe, the RIPE Network being an infamous spam host, whose users post nothing but links to their porn or pfishing sites, if you let them.

I had over 1 millions hits on my site in 2009 alone...but only a handful were people who read the site on a regular basis or even fewer that actually commented.

Bragging about the number of visits to a website means absolutely nothing by itself, and anyone who has had access to webstats of any kind knows that.

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For convenience many times I simply click on the link in my toolbar bookmarks instead of clicking on the back arrow in order to return to the page I was on.

That skews the hell out of any numbers of "hits" the site is getting.

....sorry about that.    :shrug:
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