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An elite, condescending progressive explains Obamacare
« on: December 18, 2013, 01:26:22 AM »

An Elite, Condescending Progressive Explains ObamaCare
by Betty Butter • 17 December, 2013 • Politics • 2 Comments

Think like a progressive

The article below is barely readable, and yet it sends chills up my spine to see how void of compassion the author is for the people who are experiencing the real-life nightmares brought on by ObamaCare.

While the rest of us are angry, frustrated and literally feel as if the Democrats have dropped a bomb on this nation, this elite progressive merely views the mindset of his readers as being in a state of perplexity about the debacle, and he is there to guide them through these perplexities.

From Highbrow Magazine (an appropriate title for an elite, progressive website, isn’t it?)

Explaining Obamacare: A Guide for the Perplexed
 Posted Friday, December 13, 2013 – 7:58 am
 Jim Jaffe

Any serious effort to Obamacare must begin with a basic question:  compared to what?

Oops, he left out the word “explain” between the words “to” and “Obamacare,” but that’s nothing compared to what comes next:

Once the early administrative glitches are resolved, the basic goal is to provide Americans with an improved relationship with the nation’s healthcare system.  There are many ways to do so.

That’s right folks, you are going to have “an improved relationship with the nation’s healthcare system.”  You won’t have a better relationship with your doctor.   You’ll be paying higher insurance premiums, you’ll get higher deductibles, you won’t be able to see you’re old doctor, you’ll be penalized by the IRS if you don’t buy insurance, but you are going to have “an improved relationship with the nation’s healthcare system.”

And the sentence below makes absolutely no sense:

The dream standard, which Obamacare does not aspire to meet, is a system that provides any care requested from any provider without worrisome costs.

“. . . a system that provides any care requested from any provider . . .”  That’s right folks, the system provides the care.  Doctors don’t provide care.  Hospitals don’t provide care.  The system provides the care.  Did you know that?  Well, you just aren’t elite enough to understand that.

And here’s another doozy of a paragraph:

So critical stories explaining how someone enrolled in Obamacare may have to switch physicians or drugs, they miss the mark.  They’re comparing the new program with a fantasy that will never come true.  Their criticism is as misguided as the alarm sounded because a few physicians (under 10 percent) don’t participate in Medicare, effectively denying their services to most Medicare beneficiaries.  A more realistic benchmark is private insurance, which relies on networks that include less than two-thirds of physicians practicing in any area.

That’s right folks.  Your “criticism is as misguided as the alarm sounded.”  You don’t know shit.

And in this paragraph he comes right out and assures his readers that there will be no difference between ObamaCare and how things are now, and “That’s not accidental.”

Ultimately, we’ll probably find that Obamacare mirrors the current system, with both its strengths, frustrations and imperfections. That’s not accidental.  It will closely resemble the existing employer-linked coverage that most Americans enjoy and not be totally different from Medicare.

And as all good progressives maintain the belief that we must move forward towards the glorious progressive utopian, Marxist world of next Tuesday, he says this:

For those who lack affordable coverage today, it will be a big step forward.  For those with adequate coverage today, the changes will be nearly invisible and features that frustrate patients – and providers – today will continue.

Obamacare backers overpromised.  Politicians always do.  Cancer and the common cold will still be with us.  The difference is that nearly everyone will be able to get the care they need in either situation.  That’s a big step forward.

Author Bio:

For 16 years, Jim Jaffe worked for House Democrats who served on the Ways and Means Committee, apprenticing with Representatives Green, Gibbons and Gephardt before working for Chairman Dan Rostenkowski.

If you can stand it, you can read the whole article here

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Re: An elite, condescending progressive explains Obamacare
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2013, 01:34:47 AM »
There is a real kicker in this law that is going to shock a lot of people.  They expanded medicaid for more than just the "poor" and in return the people they are (in many cases forcing) into medicaid via O-Care are not reading the fine print  - if they own a home when they die their survivors owe the money spent on their (not so free) healthcare back to the government - if you owned property the government gets first dibs.  Oh and it isn't just for actual "visits" to the doctor - you see most states now run their medicaid programs in HMO's and as such the doctors who take those patients are paid a fee for them each month whether they see the patient weekly, monthly or not at all....... those monthly fees are added to the tab upon death. 
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