Author Topic: Poll: Another Key Obama Constituency Turns On Him, Approval Rating Among Millennials Tanks To 45%…  (Read 254 times)

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Poll: Another Key Obama Constituency Turns On Him, Approval Rating Among Millennials Tanks To 45%…


Via The Hill:

President Obama’s support among young voters has fallen to 45 percent, according to a new USA Today/Pew Research Center Poll.

    Forty-five percent of young Americans – aged 18 to 29 – said they approved of Obama’s job performance, compared with 46 percent who disapproved.

    Forty-one percent in the USA Today/Pew poll approved of the president’s signature healthcare law, while 54 percent disapproved. Those results mirror those of the general population.

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Unfortunately, this demographic probably still thinks the Republicans— the only viable opposition— are worse, hence how he won reelection. Instead of voting against Obama, they will simply not vote or throw away their vote on some quixotic third party.

These are the people the big-L Libertarians prey on.
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I'm assuming his numbers from this group have fallen because of Obamacare?  The ONE thing Republicans have been unified against is Obamacare.

Is this demographic SO pathetically dense that they'll vote against the party that, with majorities will shield them from what they don't like? 

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