Author Topic: WashPost Readers Outraged That the Post Had 'Not One Line in the Paper' About Pearl Harbor on December 7  (Read 246 times)

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I looked all over the tv programming to see if there were any mention of Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th and there were just a very few on the history channels. I also noticed the one movie I like to watch wasn't on Tora Tora Tora. There was a program called that on the history channel but it turned out not to be the movie. I did see two movies that were about the starting of the war but they did not emphasize Pearl Harbor but was more about Manila. Maybe the leftists want to change the history there too so are downplaying what really happened by n ot keeping in our minds.

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It was pretty much ignored, especially since Mandela died and the media was obsessing over that.

I'm surprised that WP readers even knew what Pearl Harbor was about.
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