Author Topic: The Syria mess is Obama’s doing By PAMELA GELLER  (Read 189 times)

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The Syria mess is Obama’s doing By PAMELA GELLER
« on: December 15, 2013, 01:49:01 PM »

 The Syria mess is Obama’s doing
12/15/2013 16:55

Syria, Israel's northern neighbor, is becoming a destination for jihadists from all over the world; Who is to blame? President Barack Obama.

Syria is the new rallying point for the worldwide jihad. There has not been a secular fighting force in Syria for close to a year. Instead, it has become the destination for jihadists across the world to engage in holy war. This war is not about nationality, borders, geography. Jihadists in Syria include British, American, French, German, and Norwegian Muslims.

It has come to this: Israel and the world have to choose between Bashar Assad and al-Qaida. Former Israeli Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said Tuesday that although “the Syrian regime is killing its citizens every day…we have to recognize that the opposition in Syria is made up primarily of Muslim extremists like Al Qaeda.” He concluded: “The question ‘what is better for Israel?’ is an important question, because we need to ask ourselves if we want to swap the bad Syrian regime we know for a very bad regime that we don’t know.”

This is Barack Obama’s doing. He has supported every single transition in the Middle East from secular Arab state to brutal Sharia thugocracy. And he supports the jihadi savages in Syria. The only movement we should be supporting in Syria are the Kurds who have declared independence. The genocide of millions of religious minorities by the Muslim supremacists would be stopped in an independent Kurd state.


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