Author Topic: Obama administration may add taxpayer-funded sex-change operations to ObamaCare, Medicare, Medicaid  (Read 494 times)

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Oh, man. One of my friends is going to be so pissed. She scrimped and saved for 15 YEARS, living in a cheap efficiency apartment in a bad neighborhood and working two jobs constantly to raise the cash for her surgery and pay for her hormone therapy (that stuff isn't cheap).

She had the final op two weeks ago. Talk about bad timing.  **nononono*
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They are going to add this to the law?  Is that without congressional approval?  If so, there is no law, only a massive tax boondoggle where people add or delete coverage as necessary.
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Why not??  Who is going to stop them??  This is just as unconstitutional as any of the other changes this crew have been allowed to make to a standing law, and nobody in the Congress has made a move to challenge Obama on any of it.

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