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By Voice of Russia

Detailed plan for destruction of chemical weapons outside the Syrian ATS will be released by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on Tuesday, December 17. This was announced on Wednesday by Martin Nesirky, the representative of UN Secretary General.

"Syrian plan to destroy chemicals outside the country will be announced on December 17," he stated.

Nesirky added that "to talk about the possible content of the document is premature."

He stressed that the plan "will be carried out by the joint mission of the United Nations and the OPCW, with the assistance of a number of players, including members of the Organization."

According to the preliminary schedule, all chemical weapons should be removed from Syria before February 5, 2014.

Most dangerous substances will be eliminated outside of Syria not later than 31 March, the rest - no later than 30 June 2014.

Dangerous chemicals will be destroyed on board of a specially equipped ship, which the US is ready to provide. According to Nesirky, "practical issues" relating the operation are currently being discussed.

Earlier, Permanent Representative of France to the UN Gerard Araud reported that there are logistical difficulties due to which the export outside of Syria can linger for weeks.

As French diplomat explained, the question regarding the safety of transit of chemicals through the territory of Syria's to the Mediterranean port of Latakia is still not resolved. There, they will be shipped on vessels provided by Norway and Denmark.

The sides have not reached an agreement yet which port to use to transfer the chemicals from vessels to the American ship.

Mutual understanding on destroying Syrian chemical weapons at sea reached - Russia diplomat

ussian deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said he had high hopes for United States logistical assistance in destroying the Syrian chemical weapons at sea.

"Of course, the issues of transportation and security are being resolved by all participants of the process and military ships should be here. As far as I understand, mutual understanding exists at a very high level between all participants of the process to implement this task. I think that an optimal solution will be found," Bogdanov said.

"In this case, high hopes are on our US partners. They have a specially equipped vessel to implement such a task," Bogdanov said.

Bogdanov said he warned the extremist forces of Syria against attempts to prevent the transpiration of the Syrian chemical weapons to the Latakia port.

"The main thing is that no one obstructs this. Terrorists and extremists, who are probably trying to create a problem. Nothing can be ruled out," Bogdanov told reporters on Monday.

The issue of granting vehicles to transport the chemical weapons to the Latakia port "has been discussed closely with the US colleagues, including via the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)," Bogdanov said.

I suppose that optimal solutions will be found," he said. The Syrian authorities will be the ones dealing with guarding the chemical weapons, the deputy minister said.

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