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We came close to making the same fatal error.  My wife was selling a large aquarium cabinet using Facebook. The size of cabinet only serious aquarium hobbyist would want.  The guy she talked to on the phone sounding like someone from "the hood" and knew nothing about the hobby which should have been a red flag, but the thought of the $300 got the best of her and she invited him over to look at it.  She waiting until I got home, but it got later and later and now well after dark when he showed up. I was carrying, but only a .32 Beretta Tomcat (pocket pistol) which did not give me much confidence.  I opened the garage door and he was the gangsta type. baggy clothes, gold chain, gold tooth, large brim ball cap. Dangerous looking.   I don't think he expected me to be there, and because my hand never left my pocket he I think knew I had a gun. He quickly left after saying he didn't have the money today, but he would think about it.   Another thing I noted, he never turned off the car, and it had dark windows so we could not see if there were others.    My wife got a scolding about NEVER doing that again.
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Dang, navy! You got lucky. Next time, should it happen, pack something bigger please?
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