Author Topic: Caught on camera: Watch this 90-car pileup keep getting worse and worse [VIDEO]  (Read 158 times)

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Caught on camera: Watch this 90-car pileup keep getting worse and worse [VIDEO]
10:38 AM 12/10/2013

Hundreds of people were involved in a pileup on a Wisconsin highway on Sunday morning when 90 or more cars crashed into each other.

According to WISN 2 in Germantown, Wis., the pileup on Highway 41/45 lasted for more than 10 minutes as cars were unable to slow down or stop in the snowy conditions.

“If people watch NASCAR, and they watch the Daytona 500 or Talladega, where they wait for what’s called the ‘Big Crash,’ where all the cars crash because they’re all so close together, that’s what this was like — only there was nobody there to stop it with a yellow flag and slow all the other cars down,” Germantown Police Officer Tim Miller told WISN. “So you had that big, huge crash, and then cars just continued to just pile into it and taking evasive action. It didn’t stop. You know, it was five, 10 minutes this went on for. It just kept going and going and going. I mean that’s what was helpless about it.”

At least three people were killed during the pileup, according to the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.

(h/t Gawker)
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Amazing!  Those cars that kept speeding through the mess?  I think they were driven by liberals who experience life as a wish and not reality.  They didn't want to see the pile up, so to them it wasn't there.  And before St. Algore has a chance to say it, the snow was caused by global warming. :silly:
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