Author Topic: Lefty journalist blames ADAM LANZA for Obama's second term implosion  (Read 300 times)

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Lefty journalist blames ADAM LANZA for Obama’s second-term implosion

Posted By Eric Owens On 3:42 AM 12/10/2013 In | No Comments

National Journal published a 727-word piece by left-wing journalist Alex Seitz-Wald on Monday blaming psycho mass murderer Adam Lanza for President Barrack Obama’s 40-percent approval rating and general inability to govern or otherwise do his job.

Obama’s agenda “went off the rails,” Seitz-Wald claims, because Lanza “strolled into Sandy Hook Elementary and killed 20 children and six adults.”

“The Connecticut massacre set in motion a cascade of events that led the White House to burn through its only real window to accomplish its goals,” Seitz-Wald explains. “The month before the shooting, Obama had won a convincing reelection and a modest popular mandate. One major liberal wish-list entry, immigration reform, seemed not only within reach but almost inevitable.”

“Obama hasn’t gotten back on track since,” observes the leftist political correspondent—either uncannily shrewdly or by frantically grasping at a bizarre, illogical explanation.

Just as immigration reform was about to happen, “Lanza’s rampage altered the debate in Washington.” Obama, who once told his political director Patrick Gaspard that he thinks he is “a better political director than my political director,” had no choice but to pour all of his energies into a failed attempt at federal gun control legislation.

“Democrats moved ahead with gun control first,” Seitz-Wald recalls, because the fresh memories of 20 murdered children and six murdered adults would help the left demagogue the issue more effectively. However, a Republican filibuster caused even a watered-down bill to die in April.

Simultaneously, the National Journal reporter laments, pushing gun control “antagonized the populist libertarian Right, the same people whom mainstream Republicans and Democrats needed to stay on the sidelines for immigration reform to succeed.”

Seitz-Wald mentions that the Boston Marathon bombing “occurred just two days before gun control officially died in the Senate” but this fact doesn’t help his thesis, so he ignores it.

He then notes the Benghazi scandal, the IRS targeting scandal, the Justice Department surveillance scandal and the Edward Snowden leaks. “Many of these developments deepened partisan resentments.”

There was also Syria and, of course, the Obamacare fiasco.

The next thing you know, Obama’s approval rating has now fallen to the high 30s.

It all started with crazy Adam Lanza, though. “The tragedy in Connecticut shocked the nation’s and the president’s conscience, and he felt compelled to respond to polls that showed overwhelming support for action.”

But for a school shooting in Connecticut last year, Seitz-Wald says, Obama’s second term would be totally different. Somehow.

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