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Obama voter base coming out of trance
« on: December 07, 2013, 10:54:56 AM »

Seven years ago, Barack Obama, an unknown quantity, announced his presidential campaign theatrically, on the steps of Lincoln's courthouse.

We now know him better and are appalled at the damage he has inflicted. He clearly lacks the experience and wisdom needed, but that became a don't-care item. He cast a spell over many in the U.S., and even in Europe. The Nobel Peace committee awarded him a medal, with no substantive achievement to justify it.

Those of us who were able to see through him and his campaign speeches could not believe the zombie-like behavior of those he bewitched and stripped of their common sense. They believed he could extend medical service to 22 million people without costing a dime!

There are signs that his voter base is coming out of its trance. Commendably, RGJ sounded an alarm by supporting Romney over Obama. Currently, some congressional Democrats are jumping ship. We can only hope that the nation's loss of spirit and stability have not been irretrievably lost.

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