Author Topic: Lesbian waitress accused of anti-gay note hoax finally refunds 'gullible' well-wishers who gave her thousands of dollars  (Read 352 times)

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    Dayna Morales has begun paying back people who donated money to her after she claimed customers left her a bigoted message rather than a tip
    Caused a firestorm when it was revealed her story may well be a hoax
    Gay charity which first featured her tale of prejudice told MailOnline of their disappointment and users who received refunds say they were 'gullible'
    Unclear how much she was given but estimates have put it at $3,000
    Morales had previously promised to donate the 'replacement' tips to charity for wounded soldiers but they have no record of any donations from her
    Waitress is still suspended from New Jersey restaurant and has hired lawyer

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She has $3000 to pay her attorney, but I doubt that will be enough. She deserves some jail time to think about what she did.

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