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On November 15th, I posted the link to, It’s Officially Begun: If Holder Refuses to Leave, We’ll ‘Force Him to Resign, in reference to Impeachment charges against our favorite Attorney General, the one and only Eric Holder. Imagine if a man like Trey Gowdy, someone with Integrity actually held the office. I know… crazy thought right? Integrity? Public Office  What was I thinking?

We are in an Obama Nation now!

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South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy has a history of embarassing witnesses who refuse to be forthright on serious issues. Yesterday’s hearing, “The President’s Constitutional Duty to Faithfully Execute the Laws” was no exception.

Gowdy embarasses the stammering witness with one simple question:
If the president can ignore provisions of immigration law, marijuana law, mandatory minimum sentencing law, and the “Affordable Care Act,” then what prevents the president from ignoring election laws?

The witness Simon Lazarus was unable to satisfactorily answer Gowdy’s pointed question, so he turned to nationally recognized scholar Jonathan Turley. He was “not sure” what the Congressional remedy was for the president’s failure and refusal to enforce duly passed laws. Professor Turley then called the escalating problem, “The most serious Constitutional crisis, I view, in my lifetime.”

In the November 15th article I say the following: Looks like Ted Yoho won’t have to wait until the end of the year to get your impeachment process started. It began yesterday! For a nice look at Eric Holder’s Greatest hits, check out some of the following!  What a disgrace.

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