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The NRSC’s Incompetent “Clown” Brad Dayspring Strikes Again

By Dan
December 5, 2013

The ever incompetent and increasingly problematic NRSC Director of Communications, Brad Dayspring has been busy, again. Here is a screen cap of a current Memorandum thread. Along with having given Democrat Senatorial campaigns ammunition to bash Republicans on multiple occasions, Dayspring’s judgment is so bad, he’s now being trashed by Republican Senate candidates needing to escape the blow-back from it. Tom Cotton vs. the NRSC: GOP spokesman’s questioning of Mark Pryor’s faith causes uproar—from fellow Republican’s campaign. (click image below to enlarge)

Below is a screencap of another very recent, though now not unusual, meme caused by the NRSC under Dayspring’s tenure as communications director. They blame-shifted this one away from Brad Dayspring with yet another sexist slip (he has a history of them) by claiming it was an anonymous “intern in the basement of the NRSC.” Oh really? One would think the NRSC owes constituents and donors more accountability than that, not to mention how dubious the claim seems given Dayspring’s now notorious past and growing history of poor judgment.

Junior staffer in the basement? That’s right out of the elitist playbook for smearing (basement dwelling) bloggers 101 and I’m not buying it. It causes me to wonder if the NRSC didn’t cover up for their already under attack and flailing comms director, Dayspring, for yet one more screw up. As it turns out, he’s had quite a few and I’ve since learned he’s viewed as something far less than competent or professional by some in the very media he’s tasked with interacting.

One prominent Beltway journalist described him to me as “nasty and unbecoming”, who offers little more than a lot of “big talk.” That would jibe with the all hat and no cattle Dayspring I’ve encountered in my own disappointing experience with someone I’d expect to demonstrate a certain degree of professionalism. That’s a recipe for disaster in communications, not a guide to success. One has to wonder if there are any adults in charge at the Mitch McConnell approved NRSC these days.

    But McConnell’s campaign spokeswoman Allison Moore called the focus on the tweet “pathetic,” and suggested it was meant to “distract from the real news.”

    “It is really pathetic that the Grimes campaign is more worried about what some intern in the basement of the NRSC is tweeting rather than talking about the real issues facing Kentucky, but I am sure we will see this call from their playbook time and time again,” Moore said.

Worse, a review of Dayspring’s actual work history suggests were he in the private sector, or if there was any genuine accountability on the Hill, he would have been shown the door years ago, not re-cycled through the revolving door of incompetency reserved for cronyists, frat boyish sycophants and Congressional butt kissers.

I asked another prominent mainstream media journalist on the Hill to characterize Dayspring. He described him on background as “a total clown.” Another reporter responded, “He seems to spend an awful lot of time fighting with reporters on twitter. Maybe that’s part of his job but if it is he should get better at it.”

His frat boy-ish behavior – and potentially worse – have come back to bite him in his allegedly professional career more than once. For example, there was this prominent previous NRSC issue also involving Kentucky Democrat Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes. What is his job at the NRSC, handing the Kentucky seat over to the Democrats, no matter which Republican wins the primary?

Brad Dayspring, communications director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, called Grimes “an empty dress” in an interview with The Hill published Wednesday.

    The insults continued from there.

Then, before this most recent incident involving a legitimately sexist (and stupid) photoshop of KY Democrat Alison Grimes, there was Dayspring’s porn problem. In the real world – aka the private sector – this type of thing alone would prevent one from rising to communications director at a national level – but that’s not how the Beltway GOP operates. And they wonder why people hate Washington?

Tweets and Tits for Cantor Aide

    Seems like if you’re going to pitch yourself into a NYT story about how effectively you’re using your Twitter account to advance your boss’s message, you might want to stop using it to check out porn as well.

    Brad Dayspring, the fiery Communications Director to House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), was in a NYT story over the weekend about Republicans using Twitter to reach their constituents. An excerpt:

And that’s far from Dayspring’s biggest past job problem. Instead of being gone after this fiasco below, he was farmed out to the Young Guns operation – which amounted to next to nothing in terms of results – before being brought back to head the NRSC’s communications. His actual resume is as sad as it is laughable, unless one works in cronyist Washington. Giving Eric Cantor a stiffie about himself by blowing smoke up his butt may amount to something in his office. Clearly, it never prepared Dayspring for the level of exposure and responsibility he’s now been given at the NRSC.

  Heated clash led to Eric Cantor aide Brad Dayspring exit

    The sudden departure of trusted House Majority Leader Eric Cantor aide Brad Dayspring late last week followed a heated, nearly physical confrontation with another senior Cantor staffer over the unveiling of a major GOP initiative.

    Political Washington has been abuzz all weekend over what led to the departure of Dayspring, one of the Hill’s most well-known GOP aides. The 34-year-old hockey fanatic and New Jersey native is known as a fierce — at times in-your-face — defender of the Virginia Republican in his dealings with staff and reporters alike.

Fortunately for Dayspring, though apparently not the GOP’s 2014 Senate hopes, Brad’s clown nose appears to have a distinctive brown tint from being shoved up Eric Cantor’s back-side in the past and now seems to be firmly planted in Mitch McConnell’s. They may like the feel of it but how many elections is it going to cost the GOP … in the end – pardon the pun?

He has repeatedly been and is still being allowed to get away with any number of what would otherwise be career ending missteps. Far from being an example of DC’s best and brightest, he’s made himself into the poster child of what people hate most about Washington – it’s who, not what one knows that matters. And at this rate, what an obviously unqualified Brad Dayspring doesn’t know, or understand, is repeatedly hurting the GOP in important ways and no one seems willing to do anything about it.

“The time is now near at hand which must probably determine, whether Americans are to be, Freemen, or Slaves.” G Washington July 2, 1776

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