Author Topic: Fresh embarrassment for Costco after it puts Ron Burgundy memoir in non-fiction weeks after labeling Bible as fiction  (Read 236 times)

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Costco has left itself open to fresh ridicule by putting the faux memoir of a cult film character in its 'non-fiction' section - weeks after labelling the Bible fiction.

Staff at a branch near to Los Angeles appeared to not realise that Ron Burgundy: Let Me Off At The Top was a work of comic fiction about Will Ferrell's cinema anchorman.

It comes after the retail chain was forced into a humbling apology after a Southern Californian pastor tweeted a photo showing copies of the Bible labelled as fiction.

How do we not know it is all part of the plan to highlight his film? I trust nobody these days/

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It would seem to prove how intellectually inferior Costco workers are; likely as not Obama voters. :Odance:
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