Author Topic: British soldier's alleged killer 'told police he went for jugular as he was hacked to death in London street because that is how animals are killed in Islam'  (Read 235 times)

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The alleged murderers of Lee Rigby told police they cut his throat with a knife because 'this is how we kill our animals in Islam', a court was told today.

Michael Adebolajo said in an interview that 'the most humane way to kill any creature is to cut the jugular', the Old Bailey heard.

He allegedly also told detectives that he and Michael Adebowale targeted Fusilier Rigby because he was the first soldier that they saw while waiting near Woolwich Barracks on May 22 this year.


Describing the day of the killing, he said: 'We decided to wait in the vicinity of the barracks that are in Woolwich. By the command of Allah, Allah's decree, we waited to find a soldier because between us we decided that the soldier is the most fair target because he joins the army with kind of an understanding that your life is at risk.'

He added: 'We sat in wait and it just so happened that he was the soldier that was spotted first.'

Adebolajo appeared to break down for a few seconds as he recalled the events and muttered: 'Forgive me, OK.'

'No vendetta': Adebolajo, pictured on May 22, insisted he had nothing against Lee Rigby personally

'No vendetta': Adebolajo, pictured on May 22, insisted he had nothing against Lee Rigby personally

Frequently straying away from the point, the suspect praised Ukip leader Nigel Farage, saying that he would answer 'straight questions'.

Adebolajo also told detectives he had been 'generous' with his time in taking part in the interview.

Jurors were also read a statement from retired Brigadier Ian Liles, who described Fusilier Rigby, known as 'Riggers', as 'extremely professional, popular and witty'.

He said: 'His outgoing personality made him ideal for this role, and he had a natural affinity with young people.

'An extremely professional, popular and witty soldier, Fusilier Rigby was a larger than life personality who was well-known and liked by all who came across him, regardless of rank or status.

'His loyalty and work ethic were beyond reproach, and no matter how arduous the task he carried it out to the best of his ability and always with a smile on his face.'

Detective constable Dhuval Bhatt said that officers decided to arranged an urgent interview with Abebolajo because 'it was believed that there were others out there who may be planning attacks'.

The court heard that after he was charged, Adebolajo handed a note to police, saying it would make the officer he gave it to famous because it was the first thing he had written 'since killing a man and being shot by police'.

Jurors were also told that extremist material belonging to Adebolajo was found when they searched his father's house.

This included one book called Extreme Islam, in which the following passages had been highlighted: 'Allah does not like any drop more than the drop of blood shed in his way', 'Martyrdom means transfusion of blood into society' and, 'That is why Islam is always in need of martyrs. The revival of courage and zeal is essential for the revival of a nation'.

Ah  that wonderfull Islam which the White House is in favor of. :whistle:

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