Author Topic: Obama, Dems Form 'Strike Teams' to Sell Obamacare  (Read 238 times)

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Obama, Dems Form 'Strike Teams' to Sell Obamacare
« on: December 05, 2013, 04:16:10 PM »

 by Breitbart News 5 Dec 2013, 7:12 AM PDT

Hoping that the best defense is a good offense, President Obama and his supporters are exhibiting a new found bravura to reinvigorate enthusiasm for his besieged healthcare law.

Congressional Democrats, afraid of getting trounced in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections, are hoping aggressive action by the White House will help bring a resurgence of support for the troubled Affordable Care Act (ACA).

After two months of being slammed by negative press about the endless problems involving the website, the President is now pushing back and arguing that all is fixed for the “vast majority” of enrollees. “Our poor execution in the first couple months on the website clouded the fact that there are a whole bunch of people who stand to benefit,” Obama said on Tuesday at a White House event.

“Now that the website’s working for the vast majority of people, we need to make sure that folks refocus on what’s at stake here,” he added. Of course, there is a lot at stake for Americans who lost their insurance or have seen the cost of their insurance premiums soar. Many congressional jobs are at stake as well.

To harbinger the revitalized message that Obamacare is a good thing for the American public, congressional leaders who supported the ACA have fashioned “strike teams” to herald the administration's daily pushback on adverse headlines. BuzzFeed reported that more than a dozen Democrat lawmakers have been assembled to strike at any negative messaging that surfaces during the day. Also, political action group Organizing for Action, created during Obama’s reelection campaign, set in motion a fresh push to direct consumers to the ACA website via a new wave of advertisements.

Still, these new aggressive tactics may be undermined by the continued failing of the website. Latest reports show that the new December 1 “tech surge” has done little to improve its functionality. The White House refuses to reveal the overall error rate for information transmitted from the website to the insurance companies. However, on Tuesday, the Washington Post indicated as much as a third of all completed applications were inaccurately transmitted to insurers, setting up the distinct reality that consumers will end up with policies that they didn’t sign up for.

Moreover, in what may be one of the all time classic news dumps, on the day before Thanksgiving, the Obama administration declared a one-year delay in the small business enrollment deadline.

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