Author Topic: De Blasio picks the man who cleaned up New York to be NYPD police commissioner again - but critics say he INVENTED stop-and-frisk  (Read 267 times)

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Bill de Blasio has picked the former New York police commissioner cleaned up the city in the 1990s to lead the department once again.

William Bratton, 66, rose to national fame under Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his 'broken windows' policy of targeting small infractions as a way to combat more serious crimes and lower murder rates. He also pioneered the CompStat method of policing cities by analyzing crime data and targeting high-crime areas.

Critics have already chimed in saying that Bratton is a bad choice if de Blasio wants to move away from tactics like stop-and-frisk and improve NYPD relations with the city's black and Hispanic communities.

City Councilman Charles Barron called Bratton's appointment 'unconscionable' and said he was the man who invented stop-and-frisk and other tactics that disproportionately target minorities.

De Blasio himself made eliminating stop-and-frisk a key part of his platform as a candidate. His opponents claimed he would be soft on crime and would return New York to the 'bad old days' of high murder rates.

But on Thursday de Blasio introduced Bratton as a 'proven crime-fighter' who knows how to keep cities safe.

'Together, we are going to preserve and deepen the historic gains we've made in public safety - gains Bill Bratton helped make possible,' de Blasio said in a statement.

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