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From ObamaCare to ObamaCar
« on: December 05, 2013, 01:37:34 AM »
I found a truly thought-provoking article in American Thinker, as regarding ObamaCare and its potential analogue in automobile insurance; an excerpt from which is contained below:

So auto insurance is a free-for-all that's not free for anyone, more expensive for some, and unavailable to others. It cries out for social justice. And what will that look like under ObamaCar Insurance?
It will look like fairness.
Fairness means you can't be denied car insurance because of a precondition, like multiple DUI convictions or a history of car accidents. Just as a career criminal's record can't be used to leverage a conviction in a trial on a new charge, with ObamaCar you can't be denied auto insurance based on your driving preconditions. And, if you want to keep your car, you can keep your car. Period.
Fairness is equity in premiums, meaning that a twenty-something male driver doesn't have to pay an exorbitant rate based on age and gender discrimination because of the driving misbehaviors of some other young men. That is blatant profiling, presumes guilt by age-gender association, and is patently unfair.
ObamaCar social justice means that even though you live where it has never ever hailed, you still have to buy hail damage coverage.  By doing so, you help make hail damage coverage cheaper for others. And, after all, we're all in this collective together.

Here is a link to the entire article:  Articles: After Obamacare, ObamaCar Insurance?

Note:  Whereas I do not believe that those with medical preconditions should automatically be denied coverage or charged higher premiums--after all, many such preconditions are not the result of questionable lifestyle decisions--I do believe that we should be candid about the fact that this will tend to increase premiums, all other factors being equal.  In other words, there really is no free lunch.

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