Author Topic: Selfies gone too far? N.Y. woman snaps photo in front of suicidal man on bridge  (Read 350 times)

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Dozens of onlookers watched in horror as a suicidal man stood on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City Tuesday morning.

But not one woman. She decided to take the opportunity for a photo op.

The “Selfie” obsession, or the practice of people snapping photos of themselves for social media, reached an all time low when The New York Post caught this particular blonde woman in a scarf turn her back to the scene, crack a smile and take the photo as police officers struggled to rescue the suicidal man of the bridge.

The Post tried to catch up with her afterward, but she declined.

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The bridge was fairly far away.  Maybe she wasn't aware he was there.   :shrug:

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The bridge was fairly far away.  Maybe she wasn't aware he was there.   :shrug:

Yeah, I'm inclined to think that she didn't know what was happening up there.

That said, the whole "selfie" craze is just beyond asinine.
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Reminds me of Kitty Genovese and if her murder had happened in these times.

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Selfies have been around ever since they started putting those little digital cameras on every cell phone. It's been nearly a decade since they started doing that.

To call this a craze is to show one's ignorance.
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