Author Topic: HuffPost’s Gut-Wrenching Poverty Editorial That Went Viral a Hoax  (Read 349 times)

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We had a thread about this story last week. All bogus.

...But an investigation into Tirado’s background by the Houston Press’ Angelica Leicht revealed that the blog post’s author is a private-school-educated Democratic activist who wildly exaggerated her circumstances. She owns a home as the result of her parent’s generosity. She has worked in politics since 2004 and has called herself a private political consultant since 2010.

    She’s married to a Marine, has met President [Barack] Obama while interning for a politician (who obviously wasn’t disgusted by those rotten teeth), and has plenty of time to visit Las Vegas on vacation. And blog about her privileged life on WordPress.

    She speaks both German and Dutch, and has a well-rounded political blog that ended in 2011. It’s also a blog where she quite plainly references being paid to win races.

After being revealed as having greatly exaggerated her living standards, Tirado took to her GoFundMe blog to confess. National Review’s David French flagged her admission of guilt:...

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