Author Topic: Almost 1.5 million deemed eligible for Medicaid in October alone: Obama administration  (Read 308 times)

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yah...I was talking about this with Rap on another thread...the financial impact on the States over this is going to be overwhelming.  Not only is the Federal "marketplace" in collapse, the States are going to go down with them.

They are running scared and making this all up on the fly as they go.  They think the Preezy of the United Steezy can slide on out there and sell this like nobody else.  The push is on to get as many as possible before Christmas, and try to dump them all on the Insurance companies, and force them to issue policies by January 1st.  All of this is going to come to one big nasty head and when she lets go it will put the exploding whale to shame....

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If a Republican is elected in 2016 and actually gets rid of OCare (Christie won't) then those states who went with the medicaid expansion (like my state AZ) and the money runs out in two years they are going to be sucking on the taxpayers teet asking for more money to pay for their folly.

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