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Mona Charen starts her article "We Conservatives always".  This seems to be divergent from the NRO editors. Today I cancelled my over 30 year subscription to NR.

 I have been a long term subscriber in excess of 30 years.  Withing the past year and recently a number of your positions vary from the reason I first, and continued to subscribe. To me it seems you have lost your way.
 I am a Conservative.  I suppose that will explain why there is a divergence of opinion.
 Please remit any unused subscription moneys to
 My Address
 In any event, I do not wish to see your magazine.

I received a timely response.

Dear Valued Customer We have received your email and it has been assigned to one of our e-commerce team members. Should we require additional information we will contact you. Otherwise please be assured that
your request will be processed in a timely fashion. Sincerely, Customer Care Department

I enjoy several contributors to NR.  But their hasty release of John Derbyshire, Advising that conservatives refrain from using the terms RINO or Establishment, and general attacks on Conservative leaders leaves me empty.

I owe much of my original concepts to NR, but the recent departure of a segment of the magazine left me no option.  I can't imagine Wm Buckley allowing such infighting.  After all he started Buck Pac to eliminate Lowell Weicker, a persistent Rino or worse.

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