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Let's Talk Turkey By Clarice Feldman
« on: December 01, 2013, 09:25:58 AM »

December 1, 2013
Let's Talk Turkey
By Clarice Feldman

Elect a Chicago community organizer (twice) as your president and you should not be surprised to find that all he is capable of is spewing propaganda and dividing us by personalizing attacks on those who oppose his grandiose, wildly impractical efforts at reshaping our lives to suit his sophomoric view of the good life.

As the obvious failure of ObamaCare has become evident to all but his most blinkered cultists, Obama fell back this week on upping the propagandizing and deflecting attention from his failures with even more lies.

His organizing arm OFA (Organizing for America) urged supporters to use this year's Thanksgiving dinner to persuade less-blinkered family members to sign up right away for ObamaCare, extolling its (apparently hidden) virtues. They handed out a tip sheet to help out with this hard sales pitch.

Michele Obama joined in the rallying effort, urging her fans to work with OFA to gather and share their happy ObamaCare experiences.

Word went out to the Obama megaphonic press, some of which went so far as to offer debate tips regarding the increasingly unpopular program.

Anticipating perhaps that this effort might be insufficient to stem the tide, the administration funneled $1.1 million through the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation to the non-profit, "non-partisan" Families USA to pad the propaganda by producing a database of ObamaCare "success stories."

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Re: Let's Talk Turkey By Clarice Feldman
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Like Icarus, Obama, as Professor Charles Lipson reminds us, "was cursed by vaunting ambition, hubris, and a poor understanding of technology." Pestering relatives with even more of his lies at one of the most nationally recognized and loved days of the year with more taxpayer funded propaganda and issuing press releases about what is an apparently nonexistent treaty doesn't seem enough to undo the fall from grace.

For that I am also grateful.

Amen!   :patriot:
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