Author Topic: Spiritual atrocity - What is Racism ?  (Read 279 times)

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Spiritual atrocity - What is Racism ?
« on: November 30, 2013, 10:15:07 AM »
Spiritual atrocity. 

I think we may be seriously underestimating the extent of this 'reality distortion field' (I dislike the term, but I do not know what else to call it).  The Constitution, Financial/Monetary Facts,  Laws, Systemic Corruption, actual investigative journalism, your own spiritual beliefs, decades of personally treating people with respect, all evidence to the contrary, DOES NOT MATTER. 

Something has happened in the Liberal Democrat enclaves that we do not frequent... I have been talking to liberals lately. 
Its knee jerk, its automatic, it is vehement.  It is not to be doubted or questioned.  All attempts at reasoning met with not only a closed mind, but a closed soul.  You can be talking to someone you have known your entire life, someone you love. 

If you are not for "socialism" you ARE a racist. 

There are no sane arguments to be made. The two ideas are now synonymous, 'equal'. The tragedy of this irrational belief is in their eyes...and it stings with personal betrayal. This is what has been happening, this is what we have not truly seen.
I was aware of it, but I foolishly thought...I am not a racist, this is not what I believe or how I behave, so how can anyone possibly believe that I am.  They do believe it... THEY DO BELIEVE IT.

I stand this day in fear (and in personal deep tears) at what this inhumanity will rend on our nation.
This issue must transcend politics, we must make them understand.  Withstand the hurt and keep trying.

PS  - I know I will probably regret posting this...I must. This 'political weapon' is too harmful to the individual spirit to go unchallenged.

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Re: Spiritual atrocity - What is Racism ?
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2013, 01:32:21 PM »
Question posed:
[[ Spiritual atrocity - What is Racism ? ]]

"Racism" is a fabricated word from the left (actually, first used by Marxists) purposely crafted to be used as a tool to attack, silence and repress whites and by which to dissemble the established social order.

I challenge you to take a moment and search earlier versions of Webster's Dictionary online.

Search the 1828 version of Webster's for "racism":
What are the results that are returned?

Search the 1913 version of Webster's for "racism":
What are the results that are returned?

Does this surprise you?
How can this be?

The reality is that up until around the 1930's, when Marxists introduced "racism" into the lexicon, the notion that people would prefer to associate with others who were "alike", and distrust others who were _not_ "alike", was considered normal and acceptable (indeed, preferable) human behavior. As such, it was accepted as the natural order of life itself.

"Racism" (as the term is used today) was in fact the established policy of The United States -- which maintained immigration policies that severely restricted immigration to [mostly] those of white/European heritage. Of course, this was to maintain the ethnic/racial makeup of the nation to be what was traditionally considered to be "American".

It's only since the rise of marxism in America, as embraced and espoused by the left, that "racism" has gained a foothold in the language. The white conservative who responds to an accusation of being "racist" by answering "I am not a racist" has lost the intellectual and the emotional argument simply by virtue of his defense -- because the accuser has at that moment won by changing the nature of the argument from the original subject to the other person.

The only way to overcome the phony concept of "racism" is to ignore it, and to be bold enough to promote the natural origins of human interaction and behavior. As they were before the marxists conned Webster into entering the "R-word" into the dictionary.
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