Author Topic: EXCLUSIVE - Adam Lanza's father is a 'broken man' wracked by guilt since Sandy Hook massacre: Family reveal what it's like to live with one of the most hated names in America  (Read 520 times)

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    MailOnline given an insight into Lanza family by sister-in-law of killer's father Peter Lanza, 55
    Father, who took son shooting before not seeing him for two years after relationship 'deteriorated', finds it 'impossible' to deal with what his son did
    Marsha Lanza reveals the stares she gets at checkouts, gas stations and restaurants when 'knowing' people see her name on debit card
    Attorney General's report into shooting turned spotlight on family's failure to deal with Adam Lanza's disturbing behavior
    Relatives can't even bring themselves to talk as a family about massacre

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yah...I read that 44 page report when it came out, and it was significant for what it did not say moreso than for what it did.  In my opinion, and based on my understanding of the report itself, I think it is clear that Nancy Lanza significantly contributed to this massacre by not only ignoring some very obvious problems with her son, but by trying to deal with those problems by buying him firearms.  One of the pieces of evidence seized from her home was a Christmas check made out to her son for a new semi-automatic pistol.

The report does not blame her directly, but I believe had she not been the first victim of her maniac son, Nancy Lanza would have been prosecuted as an accessory to each and every one of those murders.  Time will tell if Dad is ever sued for his potential liability in any of this.

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I think I would change my name and move far away since they'll be blamed no matter what.
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He should be questioning just what went on that day.

The father had little or no contact with his son (from what I understand) from the time he moved to New Jersey.  I have to question if a lot of that was the mothers doing?  She clearly didn't admit in her own mind her son was very, very ill - otherwise there is no way if she had she'd encouraged him with guns - much less purchased them for him... 

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Adam Lanza was a 20 year old legal adult. I have not heard of any incidents whereby either parent would have been concerned by expressions of violence by Adam, outside the home, or with weapons.

Both parents were perhaps morally negligent, but most likely not legally. The father's remorse indicates he is a moral man.

People with mental illness, or just immature, are not helped by the celebration of "crazy" behavior in our society.

And it is not limited to just American society.
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