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ObamaCare: Biden Was Right (and that’s why the left is scared)
« on: November 26, 2013, 09:35:04 PM »
By Bob Parks
This is a big fxxxxxxx deal.— Vice President Joe Biden, on the signing of the Affordable Care Act, 3/20/10
We’re now reading (and viewing) story after story, lamenting the plight of Congressional and Senate Democrats who defiantly voted for the Affordable Care Act, notoriously referred to as “ObamaCare”. But in my opinion, the reasons for such public whining is all wrong.

It’s more than just a bad law gone wrong. If you listen to the left, it’s a topic that Democrats may or may not survive purely because the attention span of the average American is short enough that once the troubled website is fixed, they’ll just love what they’ll get.

It’s also more than just your garden variety lie issued by a politician that the public barely feels as miniscule tax particles are extracted from our paychecks.

If the public went untaxed until April 15th and had to cut a check to the government, that’s where we’d witness a potential mad-dash to to the Republican Party of lower taxes. But as the politicians craftily created a system where we’d see those taxes taken out incrementally, they could play their little games because it didn’t hurt as much.

And THAT is why ObamaCare is a “big xxxxxxx deal” and the Democrats know it.

Beginning in January, when employers start dumping their workers and citizens are dropped from their private health care plans, they will be directed to a problematic (wow, am I being diplomatic) website. When they do find out what they have to pay for, whether they need it or not, that’s where the fun begins.

People will be now paying out of pocket for something they were initially lied to about (lie revised, notwithstanding). Lies from politicians are something we’ve been conditioned to expect and/or excuse, but this time they’ve come with a serious monetary expense that will subsequently cause a lot of unwanted family financial drama.

Citizens will soon really have to choose between all those things Democrats have scared the public with for decades. Do you pay your health insurance or pay a bill? Should the elderly have to choose between paying a fine or eating dog food?

And let’s not even get into the cost Americans will feel should they have to protect and/or repair their identities once is routinely cracked and their private information is compromised… forever.

The anger will be compounded with the knowledge that the very government that imposed this law on all of us will subsidize or exempt the imposers and their friends. This is not your garden variety federal law that’s later reduced to pro-party talking points. This is a law that the public will have to dig deep to pay for every month and in an economy that sucks, this is a very tough pill for the general public to swallow.

Students, who were told their parents would pick up the tab on their insurance (without their consent), may soon find out just how much that health insurance issue they loved so much will cost. Older and single adults, now having to pay for maternity benefits they would be damned if they would ever use, will be pissed.

The things in the ACA that then-Speaker Pelosi wanted us to “find out what’s in it” after the bill was passed are now being read, and Democrats are rightfully in the cross hairs of those facing a huge, unexpected budgetary item they really can’t afford and many didn’t want or need in the first place.

And don’t be sidetracked by the liberal whine that Republicans don’t have a “fix” or “remedy” for the Democrat “glitch”.

   noun \ˈglich\
   an unexpected and usually minor problem

ObamaCare and it’s ramifications is not a glitch.

President Obama had to have been fuming over the lack of ONE Republican vote for the ACA. With just that one vote, he would have able to recite that ObamaCare was “bipartisan” legislation, especially after the website tanked. The left is now looking for any reason to share the pain because they know the pain is not physical: it’s fiscal, Democrat-labeled and will be a painful boil that will inflame and burst on a monthly basis.

Yes, in the end it’s all about money.

The president and his Democrats swore their law wouldn’t cost us one thin dime, mocked those who countered, and publicly doubled down saying it would save us a few thousand dollars a year. They promised millions of people they could keep their present insurance plans if they wanted and could continue to see the doctor of their choosing. While I always took those promises as their way of invoking a “Thank you, very much” gesture of gratitude, most of us knew the ACA would not only be an economic and philosophical failure, but a real strain on almost every taxpaying American.

The Democrats and their media know this is toothpaste that will take a very long time (longer than after next November) to put back in the tube, especially with a vain president whose name is on it, thus it will never be throw away.

So, yes. Every Democrat running for federal office next year knows that the Affordable Care Act is a big xxxxx deal. While they were gloating after it’s passage, I’m willing to bet we’ll soon see their scripted, synchronized excuses turned teary mea culpas.

The Democrats ARE screwed and many of us are happy they are getting a gagging dosage of their bad medicine. Few Americans are willing to forgive when a lie takes food off the table, especially when Democrats know no way to help out aside from taking more.

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