Author Topic: Dem. Operative Involved in 2004 Tire Slashing Shows Up in Virginia Gov. McAuliffe's Cabinet  (Read 291 times)

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I remember this act of vandalism and intimidation as I am sure may of you do. Is this an indicator of the kind of administration McAuliffe will operate? Probably.

The name Levar Stoney may not ring a bell to many in Wisconsin, but the new Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia and former Deputy Campaign Manager for Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe has some scandalous history in Wisconsin.

 In 2004, Levar Stoney was involved in covering up and lying for five Democratic campaign operatives who slashed the tires of 25 vans rented by the Republican Party for get out the vote efforts.

 According to a Court TV article from 2004, Levar Stoney initially lied and then came clean to authorities about the tire slashing:

Stoney, who told jurors he hopes to be a U.S. senator one day, said he initially lied to police because he did not want to give up the names of the defendants, whom he grew close to during long days courting voters in Milwaukee.

 "I wasn't going to try and get my friends, my colleagues, in trouble. Nor was I going to get the Democratic Party in trouble as well," he said.

But as soon as the FBI agents began calling him in Virginia, he decided to come clean about what happened on the morning of the election, he said.

Stoney was also the only witness to describe a weapon — a brown-handled kitchen knife —in the hands of one of the defendants, although he could not remember who held the blade then threw it away.

Of course, lying to investigators and involvement in criminal vandalism isn't enough to stunt a career in the Democratic Party. In fact, it may have been a boost.

He hopes he will be a senator some day. As a Democrat he will be an ideal candidate.
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He hopes he will be a senator some day. As a Democrat he will be an ideal candidate.
Heaven knows the Dems have elected bigger criminals.  **nononono*
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