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Four Ways to Think of the Tragic Iranian Deal by KEITH KOFFLER
« on: November 25, 2013, 12:29:29 PM »

Four Ways to Think of the Tragic Iranian Deal
by KEITH KOFFLER on NOVEMBER 25, 2013, 11:29 AM

There are four crucial aspects to the Iranian nuclear deal that suggest why it is a tragically flawed document that will end up with Iran in possession of a nuclear weapon.

1. Iran is granted the right to enrich uranium.

Iran is correct, the agreement is a de facto recognition of its “right” to enrich uranium.

Protests by the administration – Secretary of State John Kerry in particular – that the deal does not recognize a “right” of Iran to enrich uranium are Obamacare-style lies, false for what they leave out.

The deal, as Kerry contends, does not explicitly recognize a “right.” But it clearly does so implicitly. Here is what the text of the deal says about a final agreement supposedly six months down the road:

This comprehensive solution would involve a mutually defined enrichment program with practical limits and transparency measures to ensure the peaceful nature of the program.

Get it? Final deal allows enrichment. Just a matter of how much.

Here’s why this is so incredibly significant.

Allowing Iran to enrich is contrary to UN resolutions and U.S. policy. It’s a big concession, even before the most serious talks have started. It gets us to the table – by giving away the chair.

What this means is that from now on – forever – the United States and the UN will be forced to try to keep tabs on an enrichment program and ensure that Iran does not achieve the “breakout” point it’s already so close to.

How do you do that? You can’t. For Iran to be deprived on a nuclear weapon, it has to be deprived of the materials and processes to make one. The Iranians know that with an enrichment program in place, they’ll eventually, one way or another, get nuclear-grade material.

2. Human nature is excluded from the deal.

This is the problem with liberals like President Obama and Kerry. They think that through their brilliant designs they can control human nature. The Iranian deal is like Obamacare in that it is a supposedly well-ordered plan that fails to take into account the nature of the participants.

Obama doesn’t even understand himself. He said he will simply slap the sanctions back on if Iran “does not fully meet its commitments.” Really? He’s going to admit this whole enterprise of his was a failure if Iran gauges here and cheats there?

Nor does he understand human greed. Does he really believe everyone who has suddenly started enriching themselves in the Persian bazaar will redo the sanctions and just fold up and go home?

And of course, critically, he doesn’t understand the nature of the Iranian theocracy.

Obama thinks he can “entice” the Iranians into a final deal because once they get that groovy feeling of an improving economy, they’ll want more sanctions lifted.

Iran’s leaders don’t want comfort. They want power. They want that power to do what they see as Allah’s work on earth. That’s why they want nuclear weapons – it gives them the ultimate power. Six months of reduced sanctions is only good if it gives them time to continue work not covered by the agreement, to cheat, and if it pacifies Iranians long enough to accept the potential temporary reimposition of sanctions at some point while the mullahs make their final sprint to a bomb.

3. Do you trust Obama?

Does anyone really trust, in the wake of the lies about Obamacare, that Obama will make good on his pledges with respect to this deal? That he’ll reimpose sanctions and go to a military option if necessary? That he has Israel’s back? That containment of a nuclear Iran is not an option for him?

The administration is already lying to us, as I mention above, by asserting Iran wasn’t granted to right to enrich uranium. On the very same Sunday talk show Kerry offered that whopper, he tried to deceive us into thinking there is “no daylight” between Israel and the United States. He said:

Israel and the United States absolutely share the same goal here. There is no daylight between us, with respect to what we want to achieve at this point.

That’s like saying there is “no daylight” between Obama and the Tea Party in that they both want to make the economy better. Its pure spin and nonsense.

4. We think we know everything, but we never do.

What about that secret facility in Iran that needs only another six months to become operational? Are we sure it’s not hidden under the desert, it’s entrance a hole in the ground covered by a Persian rug?

America entrusted its future to a man who had absolutely no relevant experience to the job of president. When Iran inevitably tests a nuclear weapon, American will pay the price for a rare, though potentially fatal, mistake.

Support the USO

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Re: Four Ways to Think of the Tragic Iranian Deal by KEITH KOFFLER
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2013, 12:39:45 PM »
This is so upsetting.

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Re: Four Ways to Think of the Tragic Iranian Deal by KEITH KOFFLER
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2013, 12:46:07 PM »
Each time this White House does something, it gets worse and worse. We are truly under attack, yet nobody is going to stop them.

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