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The Best-Run States and the Worst-Run States
« on: November 25, 2013, 10:25:31 AM »
Comcast (my ISP) is now running the results of a survey by 24/7 Wall St., as regarding America's best-run states and its worst-run states.  The criteria include "financial data, as well as the services they provide and their residents' standard of living."

Here are those results:

The Best-Run States:

#5:  Utah
#4:  Nebraska
#3:  Iowa
#2:  Wyoming
#1:  North Dakota

The Worst-Run States:

#5:  Nevada
#4:  Rhode Island
#3:  Illinois
#2:  New Mexico
#1:  California

Although it is not quite a perfect match, it would appear that those states that go red, in presidential elections, are among the best-run States; whereas those that go blue (or are trending blue) are among the worst-run States.


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