Author Topic: Russian military ready to take part in destroying Syrian chemical weapons if necessary  (Read 277 times)

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Experts of the Russian Chemical Corps defending against radiological, chemical and biological weapons are ready to take part in destroying chemical weapons in Syria if such a decision is made by the Russian leadership, Chemical Corps Deputy Commander Igor Klimov has said on Thursday.
"If such a decision is made by the country leadership and the Defense Minister, we sure will take part in the operation. But there hasn’t been such an order yet," Klimov said in an interview to Russia 24 Channel answering a question whether the Russian Chemical Corps will contribute to destroying the Syrian chemical weapons arsenal.

He noted that the destruction of chemical weapons in different countries, including Syria, "is in the OPCW’s control".

"At the moment, experts from the OPCW are drawing up a detailed plan of destroying the chemical weapons arsenal located on the territory of Syria," Klimov added.

According to him, the Russian Chemical Corps have highly-qualified specialists with expertise in the area of chemical weapons, the composition of chemical munitions and methods of chemical monitoring and degasation.

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The Russians helped the Syrians build them, they should help destroying them.

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Yeah...................riiiight. Russia will help destroy them. The best thing about this event is the so called 'tolerant rebels' cannot use them again because they have been destroyed.

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