Author Topic: MSNBC Women Silent On Bashir, Called For NFL Player’s Job After He Threatend To ‘Sh*t’ In Teammate’s Mouth  (Read 239 times)

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Abby Huntsman

Excerpted from Breitbart Sports: After a voicemail that embattled Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito left teammate Jonathan Martin surfaced in which Incognito used the “N-word” and threatened to defecate in Martin’s mouth, female anchors on MSNBC–such as pseudo-Republican Abby Huntsman on The Cycle–were shocked, with Hunstman saying she hoped Incognito’s career would be over because of his workplace harassment and bullying.

When their co-worker Martin Bashir suggested last week that someone should defecate and urinate in former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s mouth, though, the women of MSNBC have been silent, even as many of them spent the 2012 election season helping Democrats gin up the “war on women” rhetoric against Republicans. Had Bashir’s disgusting words toward a mother of five been aimed at any other woman, they most likely would have been met with considerable outrage, especially by women. Keep reading

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I think using the words defecate and urinate is what is saving him.  They are, as Lurch would say, kinder and gentler words. :woohoo:
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